The Day it all began.

The Band TRINITY SITE was founded in the early days of 2009 after the split of FULLTANKED (Metal-Cover) by Jochen Rau (Guitar/Voc) and Andreas Rau (Drums). In a short period of time their former Bandmate Stefan Mahr (Guitar) joined the SITE. The Band was completed on the bass guitar after the recruitment of Sascha Born, the head of BALROC. 2010 was full of songwriting, recording, promotion and of course the band successfully played their first live gigs. For the new year the band was trying to push the envelope with their first festival shows, new songs and some other upcoming surprises

TRINITY SITE “aggressive self - therapy”

“Gloriously melodic but definitely not for sissies“ – this is probably the best description of TRINITY SITEs music. The franconian band around guitarist and mastermind Jochen Rau and the musicians Ronny Rocket (vocals), Sascha Born (bass), Simon Lummel (guitar) and Andreas Rau (drums), however, describe their music simply as an “aggressive self - therapy”. After promo shots and first appearances in 2010 the band with their style, heavily influenced by melodic death metal, could quickly draw attention to themselves within the scene. TRINITY SITE achieved a direct nomination for the german final round of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle with their first demo - recordings with a running time of just 4:30 minutes.

This was followed by the release of the first full length song “Similar to nothing”, which directly hit the Legacy Sampler #71, as well as interviews in Legacy, a live - review in Metal Hammer (June 2011) and the opening of the Free & Outdoor Festival. In 2011 TRINITY SITE played along with bands like Sepultura, Cripper, Legion of the Damned and Benediction. At the very beginning of 2012 the band started to self-record their first EP called EX INFERIS, which was mastered during summer 2012 by Dan Swanö and finally released on the 15th of august. A storm is gathering...